Tires in stock. Price Changes. Survey.

Finally got some of the tires and wheels in. More are coming! Right now tires are coming in okay, wheels are getting tougher. I would put wheel order in early so your not left high and dry. If you need tires mounted and balanced by us, you should request this ASAP. The closer we are to races, the less likely we’ll have time to get it done.

Price changes

Like every other industry on the planet, inflation is starting to take hold. We are getting price changes from all of our manufacturers every day. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Prices are only guaranteed AFTER you pay, so if you put something in your kart, and the price goes up (because we got parts in) then you’ll be paying the new price. We only raise prices on those items that we receive, NOT what the going rate is.


I’ll be looking around the pits and seeing what people are driving and using for brakes this year, trying to make sure we have your pads and rebuild kits in stock. Let me know if you need anything special. Often times those of us with older karts have a tough time getting parts, I’m willing to do the research to find parts for you, but I will need your help with measurements and what not. I have 4 different sources of OEM and aftermarket brake parts, that covers the majority of brands.

Lots of product showing up

Wow, it’s been crazy, orders coming in, our lead weights should start showing up on the site in the next couple of days, new items, t-shirts, and bumper stickers!

Lead Weights: Lead weights should be available starting February 15th. These weights are primed, painted and have the weight stamped right on them. The vinyl coated weights are still a month or so out (our elastomer is backordered). Lead weights can NOT be shipped to California. Sorry guys, the fine is pretty substantial for shipping lead to that state.

Incoming Parts: Replacement sensors for MyChron gauges, FS9 visors, RK chain (#219), clutch cables, and more replacement parts should be showing up any day now. Motul dot 5.1, Transoil Expert, and 8100 0w40 oils are in, we’re still waiting on our shipment of grand prix kart oil from then in the next couple of weeks.

T-shirts and Bumper stickers: These will be added to the site this week. Look for a lot more of these in the next few months.

Things coming very soon: Tires & Wheels will be showing up starting next month. This is a major purchase, and as such comes on a freight truck, this makes accurate tracking pretty impossible. They are due to leave California by the 5th of March, so I expect them no later than the 15th. We’re also working with a better tire mounting compound, and hope to have that available very soon. Big Sky Raceway will be the exclusive distributor for it! Many more replacement parts are arriving as back orders are filled. As of this morning, we have over $10,000 in back orders, this doesn’t include tires or wheels, so a lot should be showing up in the next 50 days or so.

Challenges: This time of year it’s very hard for the shipping companies to get to our shop/warehouse. This means we have to leave during the day to go get freight, if your trying to reach us on the phone, you very well may get a answering machine. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this time of year there is only one person doing the bulk of the work. Shoot us an e-mail, and ask us to call, or leave a voice mail, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Also the issues with moving freight both through ports and even across country continue to plague us. We’re doing everything we can to get all the backorders caught up, we ask for your patience while this sorts itself out.

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