Kart Rentals:

All Kart rental prices are based on $4 Attraction fee.

Fun Karts: $1 per 10 lap “race” or 5 minute session
(Slower, heaver karts, some are two seat)

Racer Rentals: $10 per 10 lap race, or 10 minute session
(Faster, racing style kart, with safety bumpers all single seat)

Full Racing Rental: $100 per race day(during events) or $60 per hour rental/practice time
(Actual racing 4-stroke kart, no bumpers, must show ability to handle a full racing kart before allowed to rent (staff discretion) NO TIRE PREP ALLOWED ON BSR TIRES, bring your own tires or do NOT use prep. BSR tires found with prep will result in your buying a new set of tires!) Full Racing Rentals will NOT be available until at least September, we are currently having a hard time getting this in, hopefully as restrictions relax, we can start getting more racing style karts.

Track Practice:

$10 per hour, $15 for first hour. You must supply your own kart, kart practice with rentals, is called a rental…
$200 per day, private rental (must be on normally closed day, and setup at least 7 days in advance there is a $100 non-refundable deposit on private rentals)

Race Event Entry

(normal weekend, includes 2 pit passes for initial class):

Kart – Bumper – Club Racing Jr/Sr – $50
Sprint Jr – under 21, clone engine – $35
Sprint Sr – Over 21, clone engine – $50
Cup – Clone engine, MUST HAVE VALID DRIVERS LICENSE and have raced in at LEAST 4 events at BSR – $100 (NO DISCOUNTS) $50 for entry, $50 for pot.
Kart/mower – Jr/Cadet Classes – $30 per class
Kart/mower – Sr Classes – $50 per class

Cup class has a racing pot, if there are more then 3 karts, winner get the pot. If there are more then 5 karts, 1st gets 60% and 2nd get 40%. If there are more than 10 karts, 1st gets 50%, 2nd gets 30%, and 3rd gets 20% So, for example, if there are 10 entries, first wins $250, 2nd winds $150, and 3rd wins $100. People under 18 must have a parent sign that they may be excluded from amateur sports in some cases, as this could be considered a professional sport. We highly recommend you double check with your high school sport program before entering a cup race.

At this time, there will be no rentals of karts during a racing event, as it’s simply too hectic, and first and foremost, we must be safe.


Non-Bumper Karts & non-BSR owned karts, lawn mowers, rental fun karts, rental bumper karts MUST run separately. Driver training and qualification runs must run without other drivers on track.

Your first visit with your own kart, you will be required to run the track for a MINIMUM of 5 laps (first 10 minute block), and show that you are proficient to run with non-bumper karts before being allowed to practice with others. If you do NOT qualify, staff will try and help you get up to speed. This is a safety issue, we want you to succeed and grow in the sport in the safest way possible.

Hour time is broken into 4 X 10 minute blocks. This allows us to stagger groups and makes it fair for all users. All non-BSR karts WILL be tech inspected before they may enter the track for the day. BSR reserves the right to tech inspect any kart, for any reason, for safety issues. If someone is practicing and “hot stacking” blocks, they generally are allowed to run in the “dead times” between slots. The only reason we won’t allow this is if we need to do track maintenance between slots.

All racing/facility rules are in effect during ANY practice (including private days). Failure to adhere to rules will result in your practice being ended early, with no refund.

If you are practicing and no one else is wanting to use the track, you can hot stack blocks. If the situation changes, you will be shown a checkered flag at your block boundary (every 10 minutes) so you can come in and give others a chance.

All drivers during practice/rental times, are REQUIRED to have a safety briefing before using the track. All drivers during races MUST attend the safety meeting. If a driver arrives late, they must be briefed in, and will start all qualification runs at the rear of the pack. Race director has final say if a late driver will receive a briefing or if they simply are not allowed to run. If a late driver is NOT allowed to run, their race fees will be refunded, less 15% administrative fee.