Covid-19 / Corona Virus Info

Due to the Covid-19 Virus, we ask that people try to use the walk up window at Concessions. We also ask that people stay in family groups and give plenty of room to other groups. Our facility is unique in that we can socially distance very easily. If you need to be inside with others, we ask that you wear a mask for everyone’s safety.

We clean and disinfect all equipment, tables, bathrooms, etc. Regardless of anyone’s feelings on the matter, we feel that extra prevention is simply prudent. While we have rental helmets, all drivers must supply a clean balaclava. If you don’t have one, we can sell you a reusable one for $1.

Kart Racing

Kart racing rules are available from the National Karting Alliance website. NO STRAIGHT PIPES ALLOWED FOR ANY CLASS. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

All karts are REQUIRED to have either a Raceceiver, or a fm radio receiver (we have some hand out ones) so that drivers can hear race announcements during events. Please contact us with questions. NKA has these as optional, however our facility requires them. NO TWO WAY RADIOS permitted during any competition runs. Two way radios will be allowed for private practice and school sessions!!!

All races will attempt to complete with a Green/White/Checkered If a caution pre-empts the finish more then 4 times, the race will finish under Caution. Restarts are single file. Full course yellow laps DO NOT COUNT. Yellow restart is single file.

Start type has NOT yet been determined. If you feel strongly about Grid or Rolling start, you should engage our Facebook page, or contact us at 1-406-662-8378. At this time, the Rolling Start Start Zone format (NKA is most likely going to be the final answer to this. A final decision will be made by April 15th.

Before each DAYS events, you will need to hand in a technical inspection form (you can get these at the concession stand, tech office, and business office, or download from NKA). Any person bringing their own Kart must fill out (correctly) and turn in. You MAY be teched at any time, we do random tech inspections and may tech ANY FINISHING ORDER OR QUALIFYING RUN!

We use a different transponder system then most tracks. You may purchase one ($45) or rent one for the event ($5). Transponder should be on seat back with clear view of the sky. Mylaps and Westhold transponders DO NOT WORK WITH OUR SYSTEM.

Kart Classes currently having interest are: (classes with less then 3 entries may be combined.

  • Senior 4 stroke Clone sprint (200cc or less) Tire prep allowed
  • Junior 4 stroke Clone sprint (200cc or less) Tire prep allowed
  • Cup Class Clone (200cc or less) Tire prep allowed. This class has a $100 entry fee, and drivers MUST have completed at least 3 races without incident (either driver issues, or tech issue) This is our “Pro” class, and does have a cash award. Drivers over the age of 16, with a VALID DRIVERS LICENSE may compete.
  • Any NKA class where we have at LEAST 3 entries. Depending on how this year goes, we may be willing to offer flat track classes next year

Lawn Mower Racing

Lawn mower racing rules are generally as per USLMRA Rules. Classes and rule changes will be posted here. By April 15th, we will lock those rules and that will be our standard for the 2021 season. Note, we are not associated with USLMRA, we only follow their rules as a guideline. USLMRA is not responsible or party to any activity at BSR.

  • We only run JP and BP class at this time. With more interest, we may allow more classes in future.
  • Deck Belts must be removed. NO BELT MAY TOUCH BLADE SPINDLE PULLEY(s) *Note, if same belt is used for drive, you may remove blade pulleys IF the belt does not touch the shaft!* NO BLADES MAY BE INSTALLED!!!
  • NO LICENSE – BSR does not currently have any license program, and you are NOT required to have a USLMRA license of any type.