Covid-19 / Corona Virus Info

Due to the Covid-19 Virus, we ask that people try to use the walk up window at Concessions. We also ask that people stay in family groups and give plenty of room to other groups. Our facility is unique in that we can socially distance very easily. If you need to be inside with others, we ask that you wear a mask for everyone’s safety.

We clean and disinfect all equipment, tables, bathrooms, etc. Regardless of anyone’s feelings on the matter, we feel that extra prevention is simply prudent.

Facility Rules

To ensure that everyone has a fun safe time, the following rules MUST be followed for all public use of the facility.

  • This is a family facility, no fighting or excessive cursing permitted
  • Leave your dog or other animal at home. Service animals will be allowed but must be controlled.
  • Please do not put cigarette butts or trash on the ground. There are trash cans for a reason. Butt cans are attached, please use them.
  • While we allow alcohol in moderation, you will be asked to stop drinking if you are intoxicated. If you continue drinking, you will be asked to leave.
  • No glass containers of any kind near activities.
  • Children must be supervised. Parents will be held responsible for their kids.
  • Persons asked to leave will not receive a refund. If you don’t leave when asked, we will be forced to have you trespassed.
  • This is a public facility, and we use cameras for security, ensuring that guests are treated properly, and for media and advertising purposes. Your use of facility acknowledges this.
  • If you feel you have not been treated fairly, you may file a written complaint, see concession stand. We do not accept verbal complaints, complaints without name and phone number will be ignored. You MAY get a response the same day, but this is not always possible as we will review cameras and other recording devices to see if we can spot the issue.

Track Rules

Note, these are the Rental Rules, any racing that happens will follow the sanctioning bodies rules.

  • No intentional bumping
  • Must be 52 inches tall to drive
  • Stay off tire walls. Avoid driving on grass. Sooner or later this will cause you to spin.
  • Long hair and loose clothing, jewelry, or anything that can get tangled MUST be secured/taken off.
  • Do not stop on track. If your Kart stalls, or becomes wedged, STOP, take foot off gas, put foot on brake, put BOTH hands over head. Do not get off vehicle. Persons walking on the track without being told by race monitor will be asked to leave. VERY DANGEROUS.
  • No cell phones or cameras in cars (Go Pro type action cameras MAY be allowed, please ask. These will be use at own risk!
  • Closed toe shoes MUST be worn, no Sandals, flip flops, or bare feet.
  • Long, abrasion resistant pants MUST be worn. Helmets are required (we have some available, your welcome to bring your personal helmet (call for approval requirements). We highly recommend jackets.
  • If you see a yellow flag waving, go as slow as you can, move back to start/finish line and wait there.
  • If you see a red flag waving, STOP, take foot off gas, put foot on brake, put BOTH HANDS over head and wait.
  • If you see checkered flag waving, pull into pits (where you start) and stop after crossing start/finish line.
  • White flag means less than 2 minutes left in this run (runs are 15 minutes long)
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the track/pits. Sorry, this is an insurance requirement. No consumption of alcohol or drugs on track or in pits.
  • 2 seat vehicles may be available. Passenger must be over 3′ tall and over 5 years old, driver must be over the age of 18, and demonstrate that they can drive safely before having a passenger.
  • There is no reserving Karts, they are generally assigned randomly.
  • No smoking in Karts, on track, or in pits. EVER
  • Anyone on the track or in the pits MUST have a signed waiver, even if your not driving.
  • Track monitors word is law, if you want to argue, you will be told to leave. No discussion. If you feel you need to report a problem, see concession stand for filing a complaint.