Below are some links to information about Kart Racing in Montana. If you own a track, or belong to a club, please feel free to contact us with your info, and we’ll get it added. BSR fully supports ALL kart racing in Montana, and has some sponsorship packages available.

Montana Karting Association

We are a club that loves to race sprint karts.  Our drivers are an amazing group that are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about racing sprint karts.  The heat races and the main event race are competitive with drivers racing nose to tail at top speeds of up to 70 mph.  If you are interested in finding out more, please come to a race day and watch the excitement as the public are invited to watch for free. We have races for kids and adults of all ages.

Racing Schedule

This calandar lists all racing that we know of in the Montana area. If you have a track and would like to be listed, please contact us!