Who doesn’t like a party? We know, parties that are stiff and boring, or that are the same thing, year after year. This year, have a party at Big Sky Raceway! You can book parties during our normal hours, OR you can book a private party! So while most people have to pay extra for a private party, at Big Sky Raceway, there is no extra charge on private parties. Just a few conditions. #1, party fee must be prepaid for at least the initial number of people, #2, There are no refunds the last week before a party, this is because we must have staff come in to help run the party, and if there is less then one week notice, they need to be paid for their time. If there is a weather or act of god that keeps the party from happening, we’ll gladly reschedule with you! #3, There must be 6 active participants in your party. So if your having a Gellyball party, at least six people need to be playing Gellyball. Now, if you suddenly have to add a LOT of participants to a party, we need you to let us know ASAP so we can bring in more people. What is a lot? If you add more the 4 or 5 people, you need to let us know as soon as possible. Thanks.

Okay, so the date is set, now we need to have refreshments. During any parties, our concession stand is of course available to you. But you may also bring in cakes, ice cream, etc. You can bring food and drink, you can even bring moderate amounts of alcohol, we do ask that all people drinking be of legal age, and that anyone becoming unfun because of alcohol will be asked to leave. If you want to bring a bbq, your welcome to. Good, safe, clean fun is what we’re all about. You can bring tables and chairs, or use the ones we have on site. What can’t you bring? Well, it’s pretty limited. We ask that firearms be left at home, or locked in your car. We’re big right to carry fans, but insurance requires no firearms in the facility. Leave your dog at home. Unless it’s a service animal it may not be on the property, and in conjunction with ADA rules, the animal must be fully under control of it’s handler at all times. It’s a one strike your out kind of thing. Animals can be dangerous to other patrons, and most activities are not safe for those animals.

So how do I setup a party? Easy, we’re going to get your appointment made right now!