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Generally a top end consists of new piston, ring(s), gaskets, wrist pin, and wrist pin bearing.  We generally will look over the engine without disassembly.  The only labor warranty is on the top end work.  There is NO WARRANTY ON RACING ENGINE PARTS.


Currently there are only 10 spaces available for top ends right now.  This can and will change both up and down.  We do this so that you are not waiting 3 months for work to be done.



NOTE:  The price listed is the DEPOSIT.  No work is accepted without a deposit, and you agree, when work is done, to pay for the service in full within 3 days.  Generally top ends on shifters run $900 – $1,250.   This is based on a Honda, Yamaha, or other moto.  If you have an ICC (KZ or SSE) engine, it could run as much as $2,000 for stock parts.  100cc KA/VLR/KT engines are generally about $500-900 for a basic top end.  If the jug is damaged or wore out, you can expect another $500-800 to replace.  We don’t replace if we don’t have to.  Do NOT send in if you can’t afford the work.  Once your deposit is received and we have verified we have space for your work, we’ll send you the shipping address, a better estimate of the cost of the work, and help you get the motor to us.  Right now prices are VERY fluid.  Last week we could get a particular piston for $60, this week it’s $95.  Pack the motor very well, generally UPS and FedEx will deny claims on used motors being shipped if there is not independent proof that they damaged it also make VERY sure there is no fuel in there.  You will be paying shipping both ways if not local.  Bigsky Raceway is NOT responsible for problems in shipping or damaged caused by improper packaging.  If we receive a motor that obviously needs more then a rebuild, we will contact you before starting work.  Generally we’ll apply half of your deposit to shipping back if you don’t wish to rebuild the engine.   Usually you will get a little of that half back.  If you drop off local, there is not shipping so you get your engine back and half your deposit.  The other half ($125) is used for us going over the motor and the time we spend.  If rebuilds are not paid for when complete, we charge $5 per day (beyond 3 days) storage.  At the end of 30 days, your equipment is will be listed for sale either locally or on the internet.  Mind you, we have a waiting list a mile long for used motors, generally they are sold as soon as we have them.


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