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Lead weight is sold on a range. Due to difficulty getting exact weights, there may be a slight difference between weights of the same range. Weights are counted to closest 1/10 of a pound. Not for sale to California or where restricted. If you MUST have an exact size, please let us know in the order notes. If we run out of a size, we will substitute the next bigger size for free if we can. This can save holding up your order for a couple of days. NOTE: ALL sanctioning bodies require a double nut AND safety wire on weight bolts. Weights are drilled for 3/8″ bolts (bigger then the required 5/16″ for a 5lb weight) so that you can stack a 2.5 lb and a 5 lb (our weights tend be just a little less then the size, you only pay for what you get.)

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Lead Weight – 2.7 Pound, Lead Weight – 3.8 Pound, Lead Weight – 4.0 Pounds, Lead Weight – 4.1 Pounds, Lead Weight – 4.2 Pounds, Lead Weight – 4.3 Pounds, Lead Weight – 4.4 Pound, Lead Weight – 4.5 Pound, Lead Weight – 4.6 Pound, Lead Weight – 4.7 Pound, Lead Weight – 4.8 Pound, Lead Weight – 4.9 Pound, Lead Weight – 5.0 Pound, Lead Weight – 5.1 Pounds, Lead Weight – 5.2 Pounds

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