The Big Sky Raceway, Racing Rewards Program is designed to give back to our customers. For every $1 you spent, you receive a reward point. Save them up and you can get big discounts on nearly everything on the site (and somethings that are NOT on the site!)

Signing up for an account

When you sign up to be a customer, you receive your first points! We give you 50 points just for being a customer, heck of a deal, right? And just so you know, when you sign up, we don’t rent, loan or even think about sharing your information. We hate spam at least as much as you do (and maybe even more!)

Making purchases

When you purchase products, you build points. For most items it’s 1 point for every $3 you spend. This adds up quickly. Some things, like Arrive and Drive have special rewards. Basic 4stroke Arrive and drive pays out 250 points!

Referring other customers

When you refer your friends, you get a percentage of their purchases. For, you know, life. So while your buddy is gloating that he just got a whole new set of wheels, you know you get a little bit of that…

So what good are these “Points”

Quite simply, this allows you to discount your orders. You choose how many points to use, and that discounts your order. Pretty simple, right, and it updates to show you what your discount is before checkout.

So what are the limits here?

You can only use 1000 points per order at this time. Also, points MAY be used at track side, but will NOT update until the following business day. We reserve the right to hold any shipping order if you have spent points you have not earned (this rarely should be an issue.) If you want points for your purchase at the track, you MUST tell the person ringing you up so your points get written down with your site username or email, or we will NOT be able to post them.

Points may NOT be redeemed for cash. Program limits, conversion ratios, terms, and limitations may be changed at any time. Persons attempting to claim rewards they are not entitled to risk losing all accrued points, and may be referred for criminal (fraud) prosecution. Rewards are NOT honored for locations where they are limited or restricted by local law, and user affirms that they may legally take part in the reward program and that they are solely responsible for ensuring they may legally do so.